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Market Intelligence

We are looking for solutions to drive real time market, category
and supplier insights and analytics to support decision making

Challenge Details

Roche Global Procurement is looking for a technology provider that can provide real-time market, category, and supplier insights and analytics to support decision making. This will enable Roche to act as a proactive business partner, thought leader, and equip them with the knowledge, insights, and intelligence to manage the supply ecosystem.

To enable this, Roche Global Procurement aims to enhance market intelligence capabilities in the following focus areas:

From a Human Intelligence to a combination of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence based portfolio
The current market intelligence portfolio consists of primary and secondary research offerings. Research is triggered by a specific Roche request, conducted manually by specialized research suppliers, and provided in the form of a written report. Hence, the reports take a lot of time to produce and are very detailed, long, and comprehensive. In the future set up, the usage of technology should allow Global Procurement to receive and leverage insights more quickly and in a different format.

From a reactive to a more proactive approach providing continuous insights
To ensure Global Procurement employees have meaningful insight at hand when and where they need it, we aim to proactively push brief and relevant insights to them ensuring they stay current in the areas they are working in and / or are interested in. There are different needs in terms of the nature of the market intelligence requests. Therefore, the new approach should be split into 2 Phases:

Phase 1: Push standard insights: Push standard insights: continuous news feeds on predefined focus areas, keywords, or data sources (e.g. PHC).

Phase 2: Pull customized requests: One-time requests to respond to questions that support a RFI or category strategies (e.g. Who are potential suppliers for a specific service or what are latest trends in a dedicated market).

The insights that Roche Global Procurement is interested in are quite similar across both phases and can be split into the following focus areas:

  1. Supplier focus like business profile, financial KPIs, risk information, innovation
  2. Market focus like trends, drivers, innovation, key player, risk, regulatory changes, PESTLE analysis, Roche competitor analysis


As part of Roche Global Procurement’s ambition to build the next generation procurement organization, they are in the midst of a transformation journey with an agenda focused on building a future operating model that combines new agile ways of working and true business partnering.

Through this initiative, they want to take their cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This will be accomplished through a structured platform for cooperation and collaboration between the Roche Global Procurement team and technology providers.

Practical Details

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a virtual selection day. The top applicants will get the chance to share their solution with key Roche stakeholders. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for the challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to test their solution in the field.

  • You may receive a development and pilot budget
  • Access to a global network of connected businesses and the potential opportunity to scale your solution across Roche following a successful pilot
  • Exposure to the Digital Procurement World (DPW) network, including other clients who may be interested in your solution

Think you can solve this challenge? Apply by 2nd September, 2020

  • About You

  • Business and Challenge (please use below questions as inspiration) - 1200 Characters

    • • Describe your product, service / platform (how does it work? USP’s?)
    • • What stage is your business in? What’s the financial picture? Any investors?
    • • Elaborate on team, achievements, partnerships, etc.
  • Motivation - 600 Characters

    • • Explain your motivation for applying to this challenge?
    • • What kind of partnership would you ideally envision? Can you an estimation of costs you would have to make (if applicable)? Timeline?
  • Technology - 400 Characters

    • • Do you use any of the following technologies in your products: AI/ML, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Other. Note that the use of these technologies is not mandatory, but the information is being collected for data analysis purposes.
  • If you sign up for the challenge your data will be transferred to Digital Procurement World, The Next Web B.V., NLMTD B.V. and / Datalicious B.V. for the purpose of assessing startups fit for the three challenges relating to Master Data Management, Project and portfolio management and Market insights and analysis set by Roche’s Global Procurement function. We advise you to check their websites, here, here, here and here for the privacy policies they have in place.