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Equipment Sourcing Solution

Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group (CEPG) is looking for
an equipment sourcing solution to facilitate and optimize
the configure-to-quote process for its bottlers. ​

Challenge Details

CEPG is looking for a cutting-edge equipment sourcing solution to automate the configure-to-quote process for Sale and Marketing Equipment (SME) categories, e.g. coolers, vending machines, dispenser machines, coffee machines. The solution should be scalable to Production Equipment (PE), Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) and include spare parts and services for each category., Solution should be applicable to catalogue and non-catalogue spend. Ideally, the proposed solution should enhance configure to quote efficiency through automation and analytics. The solution should provide users a seamless experience in configuring and selecting the right product.

Selection Criteria

  • Software/tool/system: Ideally cloud based, secure and automated that is user-friendly UI/UX, configurable and offers a high degree of automation.
  • Product Selection: The solution should include the possibility of a thorough comparison framework on all data points with features such as, scoring on product features, smart filtering and ranking based on several criteria.
  • Integration: The solution will replace an existing solution that is primarily executed in excel. Therefore, the new solution should be able to easily configure the existing data and external sources of structured (e.g. excel) and/or unstructured (e.g. pdf catalogue) data. Additionally, the tool should be able to integrate external sources such as Ecovadis data.
  • Data: The data consist of both machine information, technical specifications, drawings, and performance requirements, upgrade and conversion options as well as images that need to be transferred and uploaded in the new solution.
  • Output of solution: The output of the system should be an extract of the quoted models for comparison both from technical and performance (inclusive of TCO, and Carbon Footprint) standpoint as well as price (DDP basis) over multiple rounds of revision and quotation from multiple suppliers (like for like basis).
  • Access Management & Reporting: Security is key in the solution and therefore in addition to a smart login management feature (single sign-on and row-level security) that can distinguish between different entities/bottlers, there should also be the option to log usage behavior (e.g. log-in activity, most searched items/keywords) and define different types of authorization.


As part of Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group Global Procurement’s digitalisation roadmap of the procurement function, they are in looking for solutions and innovations to improve the function and performance for it’s stakeholders.

Through this initiative, they want to take their cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This will be accomplished through a structured platform for cooperation and collaboration between the Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group Global Procurement team and technology providers.

Practical Details

The challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a virtual selection day. The top applicants will get the chance to share their solution with key Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group stakeholders. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for the challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to test their solution in the field.

  • You may receive a development and pilot budget
  • Access to a global network of connected businesses and the potential opportunity to scale your solution across Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise Procurement Group following a successful pilot
  • Exposure to the Digital Procurement World (DPW) network, including other clients who may be interested in your solution

Think you can solve this challenge? Apply by 24th June, 2021

  • About You

  • Your solution (please answer at least the questions below) - 1200 Characters

    • • Describe your solution, product, service or platform.
    • • Describe your USP’s.
    • • Could you provide us with the key functionalities that your solution could deliver?
  • Challenge / Solution fit – 800 characters

    • • Describe how your solution fits the aforementioned challenge and which of the mentioned insights your solution offers.
    • • Describe related success stories of your solutions with other customers (ideally industry and/or challenge specific).
  • Selection criteria – 800 characters

    • • Do you offer software/ a tool/ a system?
    • • Is your solution able to automate the configure to quote process? And/or does it go beyond this?
    • • Is your solution able to create a thorough comparison frame including external data sources, ranking, smart filtering and scoring?
    • • Is your solution able to integrate with excel system and transfer the existing data (including images) to your solution and from the solution back to excel as extract?
  • Motivation - 600 Characters

    • • Describe your motivation for applying to this challenge.
    • • Describe what kind of partnership you would ideally envision.
    • • Can you provide an estimation of costs you would have to make (if applicable) and a timeline?
  • Technology - 400 Characters

    • • Describe the applied technology of your solution..
    • • Do you use any of the following technologies in your products: AI/ML, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation or other? (Note that the use of these technologies is not mandatory, but the information is being collected for data analysis purposes.)
  • Business Information

    • • What is your financial situation (pre-revenue, revenue etc.)?
    • • Who are your top 3 competitors?
    • • What is the URL of your company website?
    • • Do you have relevant online information summarizing your solution that you want to share? (please share URL)
  • If you sign up for the challenge your data will be transferred to Digital Procurement World, The Next Web B.V., NLMTD B.V. and / Datalicious B.V. for the purpose of assessing startups fit for the challenges set by Coca-Cola CEPG. We advise you to check their websites, here, here, here and here for the privacy policies they have in place.