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Data Duplication

We are looking for a solution that can help identify duplicate
material records in ERP systems to avoid excess stock volumes,
tied-up working capital and logistics waste

Challenge Details

Shell’s current process of identifying duplicate material records is predominantly manual, which is time-consuming and expensive. This process is currently supported by legacy software.

Together with the Shell Contracting and Procurement team, we are looking for a solution that can help identify duplicate material records in ERP systems to avoid excess stock volumes, tied-up working capital and logistics waste.

High priority: Flagging and identifying duplicate material records
Future priorities: Cleansing and preventing duplicate material records

Solution requirements: Simple, scalable automation solution with low human touch


Digitalisation is transforming the energy industry, improving efficiency and safety and by facilitating the use of new technologies. As part of Shell ambition to address both the energy transition and digitalisation, their Contracting & Procurement team is combining new agile ways of working and true business partnering.

Through this initiative, they want to take their cooperation with tech companies to the next level. This will be accomplished through a structured platform for cooperation and collaboration between the Shell Contracting and Procurement team and technology providers.

Practical Details

The Shell challenge owners will select the top applicants, who will be invited for a virtual selection day. The top applicants will get the chance to share their problem solution fit with key Shell stakeholders. Afterwards, the top candidate(s) for the challenge may be invited to participate in a pilot to prove the value their solution in the field.
  • You may receive a 100-day pilot budget
  • The opportunity to scale your solution across Shell following a successful pilot
  • Exposure to the Digital Procurement World (DPW) network, including other clients who may be interested in your solution

Think you can solve this challenge? Apply by 6th November, 2020

  • About You

  • Business and Challenge (please use below questions as inspiration) - 1200 Characters

    • • Describe your product, service / platform (how does it work? USP’s?)
    • • What stage is your business in? What’s the financial picture? Any investors?
    • • Elaborate on team, achievements, partnerships, etc.
  • Motivation - 600 Characters

    • • Explain your motivation for applying to this challenge?
    • • What kind of partnership would you ideally envision? Can you an estimation of costs you would have to make (if applicable)? Timeline?
  • Technology - 400 Characters

    • • Do you use any of the following technologies in your products: AI/ML, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Other. Note that the use of these technologies is not mandatory, but the information is being collected for data analysis purposes.
  • If you sign up for the challenge your data will be transferred to Digital Procurement World, The Next Web B.V., NLMTD B.V. and / Datalicious B.V. for the purpose of assessing startups fit for the three challenges relating to Master Data Management, Project and portfolio management and Market insights and analysis set by Roche’s Global Procurement function. We advise you to check their websites, here, here, here and here for the privacy policies they have in place.